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Hunting Nature's Fury

Hunting Nature's Fury 

Each year, at least 1,200 tornadoes batter the United States. While most occur in Tornado Alley—a vast, weather-beaten swath of middle America—in truth, tornadoes can occur almost anywhere. And where there are tornadoes, there are storm chasers. They come in all shapes and sizes, from hobbyists to researchers to professional chasers. There is one, however, who stands well above the rest: Roger Hill.

Hunting Nature’s Fury tells the story of Roger Hill and his love affair with storm chasing, taking you on a suspenseful and dramatic ride across the Great Plains, into the Deep South, even into the eyes of such recent hurricanes as Katrina. You’ll accompany Hill as he braves close calls, makes history, and gains insight into the science of severe weather. This is a story of a storm chaser obsessed with the storms that almost killed him; of resiliency in the face of disaster; and of humility in the presence of the awesome power of nature.

Includes eight color pages of jaw-dropping photos taken by Hill showing many of the storms chronicled in the book.


About Roger Hill with Peter Bronski

As a professional storm chaser, Roger Hill has witnessed some 400 tornadoes and hurricanes in his lifetime and has captured them on film for every major TV network, plus National Geographic, The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The Learning Channel. He is co-owner of Silver Lining Tours, America’s leading storm-chasing tour company.

Peter Bronski has also written At the Mercy of the Mountains, from Lyon's Press and Powder Ghost Towns, from Wilderness Press.

Author Roger Hill with Peter Bronski
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