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1. Yosemite National Park, 5ed
2. Trees of San Francisco
3. Wildflowers of the High Sierra and John Muir Trail
4. Utah Byways, 3ed
5. Wisdom of John Muir

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Trees of San Francisco
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Trees of San Francisco
Mike Sullivan

Trees of San Francisco introduces readers to the rich variety of trees that thrive in San Francisco’s unique conditions. San Francisco’s cool Mediterranean climate has made it home to interesting and unusual trees from all over the world – trees as colorful and exotic as the city itself.

This new guide combines engaging descriptions of sixty-five different trees with color photos that reflect the visual appeal of San Francisco. Each page covers a different tree, with several paragraphs of interesting text accompanied by one or two photos. Each entry for a tree also lists locations where “landmark” specimens of the tree can be found. Interspersed throughout the book are sidebar stories of general interest related to San Francisco’s trees. Trees of San Francisco also includes a dozen tree tours that will link landmark trees and local attractions in interesting San Francisco neighborhoods such as the Castro, Pacific Heights and the Mission – walks that will appeal to tourists as well as Bay Area natives.

Unlike many books in its genre, Trees of San Francisco is not a field guide, and is light on botanical and scientific detail and jargon. The book is designed to appeal to the general public, and to introduce the average reader to what’s interesting about the very unique urban forest in one of America’s most interesting cities.

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Utah Byways, 3ed
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Utah Byways, 3ed
Tony Huegel

"With trips along soaring mountains and remote plateaus to high-walled canyons and plunging river gorges, Utah Byways is the ideal guide for adventurous travelers who want to explore the state’s extensive network of backcountry roads. This fully updated edition presents 65 trips in Utah’s spectacular preserved areas such as Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Arches National Parks, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Other adventures follow the routes of the Transcontinental Railroad and the Pony Express.

Tony Huegel’s glove-box-sized Byways have been leading drivers to the hidden surprises found along unpaved backroads for more than 10 years. These books are for recreational drivers who want to use their four-wheel-drive or sport-utility vehicle beyond the pavement to explore, but who might not want to do hard-core or lengthy off-road driving. They are also for adventurers who use these trips as jumping-off points for muscle-powered exploration, such as hiking and mountain biking.

Detailed descriptions are augmented with full-page photographs and two-color maps of each trip. Icons next to each description indicate options for non-driving activities along each route, such as biking, wildlife viewing, camping, hiking, visiting historic sites, and more. Trail-tested, how-to tips assist beginning and experienced backcountry drivers alike. This established and popular series has been completely redesigned with a field-friendly spiral binding and updated to include extensive GPS waypoints.

3rd edition

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Wildflowers of the High Sierra and John Muir Trail
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Wildflowers of the High Sierra and John Muir Trail
Elizabeth Wenk

This new book by Sierra expert Elizabeth Wenk includes photos and descriptions of approximately 300 species of wildflowers and flowering shrubs in the High Sierra. The High Sierra is here defined to include areas above 8000 feet in elevation from Yosemite south through the Whitney Region. By restricting the collection of species to higher elevations, the book can include all commonly seen species and nearly half of all higher elevation species in a compact guide.

Wildflowers of the High Sierra and John Muir Trail will make identifying and remembering plants more approachable to people. The book will differentiate between species using only features easily identifiable to a non-botanist. The descriptions of each species will include the species common and scientific names, family name, growth form, flowering time, elevation range, region found, specific locations to find the species along commonly-hiked trails, the habitat, and how to identify the plant (e.g. flower color, petal number, leaf shape, height, etc.). The descriptions of where to find each species should be popular with hikers.

As an added bonus, Wenk includes about 40 natural history stories about specific plants or ecological concepts displayed by specific plants. They will provide that extra connection to a certain species that makes it easier to remember and identify it in the future.

The book is a perfect companion for dayhikers and backpackers interested in identifying flowers they are likely to see on the trails of the High Sierra.

Market price: $22.95
Our price: $17.21 save 25%
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Wisdom of John Muir
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Wisdom of John Muir
Anne Rowthorn

100+ Selections from the Letters, Journals, and Essays of the Great Naturalist

The Wisdom of John Muir: 100+ Selections from the Diaries, Journals, and Essays of the Great Naturalist marries the best aspects of a Muir anthology with the best aspects of a Muir biography. The fact that it is neither, and yet it is both, distinguishes this book from the many extant books on John Muir.

Building on her lifelong passion for the work and philosophy of John Muir, author Anne Rowthorn has created this entirely new treatment for showcasing the great naturalist's philosophy and writings. By pairing carefully selected material from various stages of Muir's life, Rowthorn's book provides a view into the experiences, places, and people that inspired and informed Muir's words and beliefs. The reader feels able to join in with Muir's own discoveries and transformations over the arc of his life. Rowthorn is careful not to overstep her role, in that she stands back and lets Muir's words speak for themselves. 

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Yosemite National Park, 5ed
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Yosemite National Park, 5ed
Jeffrey P. Schaffer

Virtually every single trail in Yosemite National Park is described in this classic guidebook, together with the scenery and natural history found along each trail. View the soaring granite cliffs and waterfalls of Yosemite Valley, or take in the breathtaking vista from Glacier Point. Explore the impressive groves of giant sequoias and hike the spectacular, glacier-carved backcountry. The major trails leading into the park are also described in equal detail—trails in the Emigrant, Hoover, and Ansel Adams wildernesses.

Have you ever wondered why Yosemite Valley is so deep? How the giant sequoias acquired their present distribution? Why the vegetation changes with altitude? How Pothole Dome got its potholes? The answers to these questions and many others are found inside this guidebook.

Also included is the most up-to-date, topographic map available of Yosemite and vicinity, showing over 1000 miles of trails, all of them personally hiked by the author or his assistant.

5th edition

Market price: $20.00
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