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Wilderness Press :: Authors :: Sally Richards

Sally Richards
San Diego, CA

Author Sally Richards had a near-death experience (NDE) when she drowned at the age of eight in Hawaii. Growing up in the 50th state, she, just like the other kids, learned a healthy respect for the dead ancestors who fiercely protected the sacred sites on the islands. Although able to see the dead before this time, her mediumship abilities seemed to become clearer after her drowning incident. Richards continued finding herself first on the scene of several murders, as the victims drew her to the locations and begged her to find justice.

Years later she experienced her second NDE when she was hit by lightning during a severe pre-Hurricane Katrina storm. Her abilities seemed to reach a higher level after this, and she then set out to learn about what was beyond the veil between life and death. After spending years at the century-old Spiritualist camps across the country, taking classes and training from the senior members in the hierarchies, she trained as a medium and shifted those skills toward her work as a paranormal investigator, searching the globe for haunted locations, amazing stories, and unquestionable evidence.

Sally Richards
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