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Wilderness Press :: Authors :: Sandra Kear
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Sandra Kear
Philadelphia, PA

Freelance writer and editor Sandra Kear specializes in both academic and trade books on healthcare, technology, and the environment, but has worked in a variety of other genres. She is co-author of the book Coping with Grief for teenagers, along with Dr. Robert W. Buckingham, one of the original founders of the Hospice movement. She has written for CD-ROM World and Internet World magazines, The Intelligencer Record, The New Haven Register, the Hamden Chronicle, Philadelphia House & Home, Go2 Mobile, and Philadelphiarestaurants.com, to name a few. Her most inspiring job has been as mother of her two beloved children, Clarissa and Kaelyn. She formerly worked in publishing for book and magazine publishers, most recently as editorial director for a book packager with clients such as Readerís Digest, The American Psycological Association, and Harcourt Press. You can find further information on Sandra Kear at www.keareditorial.com.

Recent Trekalong Posts By Sandra Kear

  • Philly Hiking Kick-off

    Production is almost complete on 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Philadelphia and just in time for what I think will be the most spectacular hiking season yet! The difficult rains of March have given way to milder months, with flowers and tre...

  • Wild life

    Crystal Kear is my West Highland Terrier. She stands about a half a foot, has silky white fur, a Snoopy nose, and big button eyes. She s fearless. She could stare down a bear, although despite recent sightings in Bucks County, PA, she...

  • April in June

    Who doesn t have Seasonal Affective Disorder these days? Record-breaking rains are turning me into a very dull girl. I escaped to the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust on Friday, shirking all other responsibilities to enjoy brief...

  • Clear-cut trails

    Before I started using a GPS compass, I was lost all the time. Sometimes it was fun getting lost, challenging myself to solve the mystery and find my way back to the trailhead as I noted landmarks along the way. One of my favorite parks...

  • How dry I am

    We can t change things we ve said and done in the past, we can t change how other people think and feel, and we sure can t change the rains that still plague us at night here in the Philly area. There have been so many thunderst...

  • Mini-hikes

    60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Philadelphia features over 25 hikes under 3 miles. Mini-hikes help keep the momentum going when time constraints prevent a longer day-long hike, and most of them can be done in less than an hour or two. You can...

  • The Audubon Connection

    There are over 20 Audubon chapters in Pennsylvania with over a handful in the Greater Philadelphia area. The National Audubon Society is an American nonprofit environmental organization. Its mission is to conserve and restore natural ec...

  • Small Steps

    We are all of us in a quandary. Our finances have never been worse, we have interpersonal issues, the real estate market has tanked, and oil is gushing into our oceans by the second. Some people eat, drink, take drugs, or sleep to forge...

  • Happy trails from Costco customers

    Just had a book signing for 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Philadelphia at Costco in King of Prussia. Where else can you can you purchase your summer reading, brushetta, and a year s worth of cheese? Seriously, though, the store was clean,...

  • Electric streams

    Thoughts of waterfalls stretch my imagination toward the outer reaches of Brazil or New Zealand some far away land where, right now, I can only travel in an exotic dream. Last week; however, I realized that Pennsylvania has a deal mor...

Sandra Kear
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