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Douglas Kent

Douglas Kent is a horticultural expert who has designed many fire-resistant landscapes. A native Calirfornian and lifelong gardener, he has written two books and numerous articles on gardening.

Douglas Kent
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Douglas Kent

One in four Californians is at risk of encountering a wildfire. Since 1990, 53 lives and more than 11,000 structures in California have been lost to wildfires, costing local and state economies millions of dollars.

Many homes are landscaped and gardened in a way that actually increases the risk of wildfire damage. Firescaping, Creating fire-resistant landscapes, gardens, and properties in California’s diverse environments is a practical, hands-on guide to help lower that risk. Its fresh, reality-based perspective gives simple, achievable strategies for those who want to reduce their garden’s fire hazard, while promoting its long-term health and function.

This book describes what types of properties and landscapes are higher-risk, how to make a home more accessible to fire-fighters, and what to do to minimize the chances that a home will be damaged or destroyed by a wildfire. It covers fire-safe fencing and roofing materials, has tips on using water efficiently, gives best methods of effective vegetation removal, and provides versatile and comprehensive plant lists and maintenance calendars useful for those living in California’s diverse climate zones.

Professionals from fire-protection agencies as well as landscape and architecture experts have contributed to ,Firescaping, to make it a complete and essential resource.

Endorsed by AAA Homeowners Insurance.

Any Western homeowner who lives in an area that is at risk for wildfires needs a copy of this book.

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